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Life At SSBF

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It was 1st June of 2018, and my ticket was still not confirmed. My fellow mates had already reached the SIU campus, and here I was still waiting for a reservation. Fortunately, on the 2nd of June, I got a ticket and reached the campus by noon the next day. All the tiredness and weariness had sublimed when I stepped into this beautiful canopy laden institute. Situated in the laps of the Pashan Hills this vast habitable land is a biosphere reserve in itself.

The much-awaited journey had already begun. It was time to get back to the rat race again. However, there was something different altogether about this new place. I was engulfed and mesmerized by the atmosphere this whole institute had to offer.

It was the 4th of June, and the students had to be present for the Induction programme. As soon as I walked in the SSBF department, reality hit me. The faculty and staff were warm and welcoming. Our Director Ma’am, Dr. Manisha Ketkar spoke to us about, “How to prioritize our interest.” The arrangements were pretty amazing, and we also got the chance to interact with some top-notch personnel in the BFSI Sector. With this, the 1st day of my MBA journey had ended.

After gauging the sincerity of the course, it was time for some fun and frolic, and thus the SSBF had organized a weekend bonanza wherein we the 1st year students could explore the city of Pune and its rich Heritage. Our college had also arranged for an Outbound Programme to a camping destination called Kolad were our batch had a gala time. There were various on-field games and activities and it majorly engraved in us the value of working in a TEAM which will constitute a major part of not only our professional life but also our personal and social life. The best part about this programme was that, that we can never label our potential. There were bonds that were created and all the ninety students got to know each other very well.

As I am penning down my thoughts, let me tell you that I have already sailed through a month in this college. There has been a mixed bag of experiences and feelings. The day starts with the Vande-Mataram alarm and ends with the hustle-bustle of the Mid-Night Canteen and Oreo Shakes. Each day feels like a magic box wrapped in curiosity. Whenever I feel lost in the crowd of 2500 students I am instantly reminded of the song ‘Lights Will Guide You Home,’ and for me, this temple of knowledge is my home for the next two years. 
My journey until now reminds me of a poem by WH Davis ‘Leisure’:

“What is this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

Atindriya Roy Choudhury

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