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Artificial Intelligence in FinTech: Understanding Stakeholders Perception on Innovation, Disruption, and Transformation in Finance.

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The recent increase of robo-advisory services (RAs) in various financial domains has caused a threatening alarm to the traditional fund and wealth management industry. There has been a remarkable growth in RAs’ assets under management (AUM) due to their ability to provide better expected return by being competitive on pricing, transparency, and services. The research paper is designed to explore the various experts in the financial industry (which includes VP and AVPs of investment bank, managers and senior executive at bank, IT professionals and executives, and FinTech entrepreneurs and CEOs) and perceive the digital disruption that is going to affect the traditional financial services industry. Secondly, it is to explore the various strategies that are being adopted by the financial service providers to withstand competition from the disruption caused by FinTech challengers. Moreover, the purpose of this research paper is also to understand the extent and effect of the disruption as well as the strategies adopted by financial industry players to face these disruptions from FinTech. Link for accessing the full article:

Authors: Rasiwala, F. S., & Kohli, B.

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