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Universe vs Inhumanity

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Standing on the cliff looking at the eventide
The weather was cold with the dementing darkness alongside
A calm yet soul-less smile overshadowing his suffering
Chanting in ancient tongue, spell-bound prayers were hustling

Marketplace at this time was filled with tranquility
No more, for the district was exterminated courtesy of mutiny
Once lavender fragrant streets were now emitting cologne of blood
This scenery was painted because a Juliet rejected Romeo’s love

Tonns of innocents were anhiliated of a stubborn’s wish
Their crime? “They protected the integrity of their beautiful miss”
Golden Valley of Tituna screamed in pain
As the volley of incendiary consumed the living like mere grain

“Requiescat in pace” muttered the priest
Tears rolled down his eyes, witnessing the humanity creased
Justice will be delivered with waiting the least
For the Church has summoned the order ” Seven deadly sins”

Named after the sin
Yet carry the justice on the hilt
Lustful towards bloodshed
Yet deliver wrath on Human pest

-Aggranshu Mahajan

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