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The Fresh Start

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The myriad versions of a crowd around,  

The pre-decided goals and ambitions in my mind,  

Gave space to a little piece of the world within me! 

Pre-conceived notions about my coming life came to an unending conclusion of hatred and uncertainty. It was when the positive aura swept out from the corner of my emotional horizon, and negative made the way through the gap, everything turned out to be monochrome as if all the colours had been filtered off through the blazing glare of my eyes. 

With all the events happening virtually, I heard someone saying, “Hi!”
Turned around only to understand the comfort of speech they had with me. 

With utter compassion and morality, I had to balance the cradle of thoughts to not flow out with doubts and unconvincing judgements. 

I made a way through the undecided conversation holding up myself to one end realizing that some things happen because it is meant to happen and maybe that is the only reason I met you guys.  

This is for the first-day experience at Symbiosis International University.

Riya Gupta

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