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Life at SSBF- Aniket Balam

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Still remember the date as it was yesterday itself. Riding the ghats from the Hill base to the hill top, finally the dream was about to come true. Studying in a grand institute whose ambience and infrastructure could only be matched by the colleges we see in the movies. Symbiosis School of Banking & Finance was gonna be my residence for the next 2 years. But never did it pass my mind that this place of stay would become my “Home” and how friends would turn into family.

I am a firm believer in the saying “the Journey itself is the reward and where ever we stand at the end of it is just the icing on the cake”. These last 2 years have taught me more as a person that what I could ever learn in the 20 before them. The degree and the placement turned out to be just an add on. A place with mesmerizing scenaric beauty situated in the nature’s lap, shielded us from all the buzz of the concrete jungle. It provided us with a perfect environment to nurture and build our knowledge. Not to forget the state of the art amenities available at our disposal all through the day. It really inspired us to venture out of our comfort zone and dive into the unknown. But, at the end of the day, it’s only the people around us that add value to our lives and I surely feel blessed to be in the presence of such enthusiast and energetic ones. It didn’t matter where we came from (truly speaking, it really is a boon if u come from Mumbai) or what was our age. The group efforts and all night long discussions made this journey a joyride.

As I enter into my last month of MBA, reality has started to sunk in about true entry in the unknown industry that awaits us. But I can say for sure that these 2 years have turned a child into a man and armed me for all the challenges that lay ahead of me. My life at SSBF has permanently been embedded in me and I really would like to thank everyone for making it an experience – I can never forget.
“Walked in with a heavy bag… Walking out with a heavy heart.”

-Aniket Balam
(Batch 2016-18)
(A Symbian forever)

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