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The Curriculum and the Teaching Pedagogy of SSBF

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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Education is freedom. But proper education is more important to get that freedom effectively.

Education is essential because it gives people the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Education also helps people to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and other necessary life skills.

The curriculum is the set of courses and their content offered at a school or university. As an essential element of education, it provides the framework for teaching and learning.

The teaching pedagogy is the art and science of teaching. It encompasses the methods and strategies used to facilitate learning. Excellent teaching pedagogy is essential for effective teaching and learning. It can make the difference between a student who is engaged and motivated and one who is not.

There are many different approaches to curriculum and teaching pedagogy. What is most important is that the course is aligned with the needs of the students and the learning goals of the institution.

Regarding curriculum and teaching pedagogy, SSBF has a lot to offer. From traditional classroom instruction to more innovative approaches like workshops, experiential learning and continuous assignment to make us furnish in our academics along with employing insights in us which are practical and that we can engage in our professional life, SSBF promotes a holistic curriculum and teaching pedagogy. And with so many different courses to study, students can tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals, along with getting rich technical and behavioural knowledge in the financial domain. It has subjects ranging from the accounting domain to Fintech to the core banking operations domain. It delivers the latest insights that we can imply in the industry, along with educating us about the historical evolution of that particular concept that can help us decode it from its roots.

One of the USPs of our curriculum and teaching pedagogy is our ability to facilitate our education through the help of Shared Learning Spaces, where we promote the learning of domain insights through the utilisation of the physical environment to deepen the learning insights for our students.

SSBF does have many facilities to make this investment a productive one in the field of banking and finance and management education. We have access to many rich and abundant resources such as Bloomberg terminal, equalifi and NISM education training etc.

Having an excellent curriculum without an efficient pedagogy wouldn’t help. The faculty members at SSBF are the ones who ensure that we employ the academics into practice effectively. The facilities ensure the curriculum is delivered most simply, and we get the most insights from the topics learned. They also ensure to employ practical insights from the current industry and how we can use subject knowledge to help the particular business or sector. During this, they bring in their years of corporate action and help us shape our thought processes to make us an amazing asset to the economy when we land in our professional careers.

In the end, SSBF doesn’t only look forward to promoting a holistic career through engaging its students in various industry-updated subjects and topics and making them understand through practical applications through workshops and assignments. Still, it employs the top industry professionals who succeeded and grew their careers in the banking and finance domain, who teach us engagingly and interactively to help us have a deep understanding of the subject and build the ability to employ it in the professional field effectively. In this manner, SSBF promotes a holistic curriculum and teaching pedagogy, enabling its students to be industry leaders with deep practical knowledge and domain insights.

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