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Holistic Development @ SSBF

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Ancient India recognized the supreme value of education in human life. The ancient thinkers felt that a healthy society was not possible without educated individuals. They framed an educational scheme carefully and wisely aiming at the harmonious development of the mind and body of students. This is what we adhere to at SSBF. We believe in liberal, all-round education of a very high standard, calculated to prepare the students for a useful life in enjoying all aspects of life. SSBF encourages holistic development in order to prepare students to meet the challenges of living as well as academics. It believes it is important for young people to learn:

  • About themselves.
  • About healthy relationships and pro-social behavior.
  • Social development.
  • Emotional development.
  • Resilience.

We promote holistic development by encouraging students to take part in extracurricular activities, contests and competitions held by industry as well as by other business schools. SSBF has an emphasis on experiential learning, team work and leadership. It lays emphasis on projects and assignments, experience sharing by the guest faculty both from industry and from academia to supplement the classroom discussions.
The five aspects of Holistic approach we follow at SSBF:-

  • KNOWLEDGE: – The aim of considering this aspect is to add value to the students’ learning and their lives. Good students want to gain knowledge, as well as achieve top grades. Professors at SSBF seeks to make students aware of epistemological issues in the discipline knowledge being taught.
  • SELF: – As the mind is an aspect of the self, and the mind thinks with knowledge, SSBF promotes specific discipline knowledge in order to facilitate the production of a creative, ethical and a learning mind.
  • PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: – In disciplines that are vocational such as information systems and computing, SSBF is interested in how the discipline will contribute to student’s professional development and shows the relevance of the topics taught to students personal and professional needs.
  • DISCIPLINE: – The discipline knowledge is the foundation for developing a critical learner. SSBF struck a balance on the focus of the interaction and shows students active commitment to the discipline which brings the knowledge alive and stimulate the minds of students.
  • LEARNING AND TEACHING: – The basis of the learning and teaching situation is a method of interaction between a professors and students. The notion of a method of interaction is wider than simple teaching aides. SSBF develop students into critical, confident and independent individuals whilst disseminating knowledge. This aim has led to improvements in pedagogy itself.

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