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Life at SSBF

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About a year and half before today, I was a person unaware of my roots and unsure of my future. I was standing at the crossroads with two options in front of me – one, to continue living a life where I would remain confused about my own identity, and the other, to allow a magnanimous disruption to what I believed was my comfort zone. The decision was, then, made and there I was, sitting in the Administrative Office of what is now my own abode. While waiting there for my first encounter with the SSBF Faculty, numerous questions whirled around my head –how would I acclimatize with this environment and adapt to the disciplined lifestyle. A sudden rush of adrenaline right up to my brains and a chill down my spine flowed inside me simultaneously. The resultant upsurge in anxiety propelled me to take a step forward and face the unknown.
SSBF is a place where people become acquainted with one another very easily. The events and festivals celebrated in togetherness at this institute ensure that every student shares memories with her classmates. To me, SSBF is a string in which I weave a pearl of  special memories, bead by bead. All of us are weaving this garland each and every day, together and individually. This indeed warms my heart with a sense of belonging.
Not just festivals like Id-ul-fitr but also events such as “The Outbound Adventure” hold a special place in my memory lane because these relieved me of my fear of not fitting in. Through my participation in such events, I have realized that, at SSBF, one doesn’t need to look out for people to have a small circle of friends. Here, everyone looks out for one another and befriends them. This guarantees that by the end of my time here, the string of pearls will transform into a garland of memories, which will remain with me all my life.

Ankita Didwania

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