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Flowering buds

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It all began in a small open space
With a small bud wanting to flower
It smiled at the sun above in full grace
Waiting to grow, through a blessed rain-shower
Bent deep in thought, it said to itself
“What can I do more to shine ahead?”
I must put into practice, all that I’ve felt
And start a journey wherein my desires are fed
Fascinated by this bud’s dare to dream
The other buds came out in determination
“Let’s create a heaven”, they all screamed
“Wherein the destiny is written for our dear nation”
Amazed at the buds clarity of thought
Even God opened His arms in blessing
Their heaven was thus born in a secluded plot
Their efforts for reformation left the world guessing
Five years down, and this haven still evolves
Dreaming buds turned gallant flowers
Each new obstacle is met with firm resolve
With visions to turn hamlets into mighty towers

Mohima Ghosh

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