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Take a Pause

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However, are we taking some time to look inside for which we used to crib? May be because of professional commitments we were not able to get that ‘me’ time. We used to play our favorite game of blaming others for that. Now that we have got the time, can we write down what went wrong in the past and what we should do in the future for not repeating the mistakes? Going for domestic or foreign trip every year might have become a ritual for many of us but is it a ‘me’ time?
We can think of many aspects of our life such as how we wish to shape our personal life, in which direction our career is going and in which direction we wish to take it forward? What action we need to take to achieve our short and long term goals. Having a dream of achieving something is not a problem but not taking actions to achieve it is a problem.
After reading this, I am sure many of you must be thinking that if we take a pause like this every year what will happen to local and global economy etc. Relax; here I am talking about taking a pause in your personal life to think and reflect and not talking about overall lockdown.
Take a pause and reflect..!

Dr. Shailesh Natu 

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