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Problems Of Retirement: Application Of Nudges

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The first problem witnessed is decision avoidance. This involves avoiding decisions that entail a lot of thinking, understanding and deliberation. Retirement planning is one of them. People generally avoid taking these decisions on account of their complexity in the form of uncertainty with respect to their future health and financial requirements. Besides, they are not sure of how long they will survive. To resolve this planning prompts can be introduced which remind the individual about the right time to plan for their retirement and also suggest simple steps for the same. This will ensure that individuals do not forget what is necessary to do so as to secure their future. These will also prevent individuals from postponing their retirement planning and ensuring it is done effectively.

Secondly, people fear getting old. The thought of losing their spouse and being alone while their children are staying away from them makes them very emotional. The very thought of who will look after and take care of them is also depressing. To overcome this emotional trauma, voluntary community groups can be set up that will exclusively look after the interests of the elderly. These can form intra society clubs for the elderly who stay alone and can engage in activities like meditation and yoga sessions, a day out or reading or singing sessions to ensure the mental well being of the seniors. These groups can also arrange for regular medical check ups and assist them in day to day activities like buying groceries etc.
Such initiatives can ensure that the elderly need not worry about the problems associated with old age.

Dr. Bindya Kohli 

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