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Green Supply Chain Management: Battle against Recession and Global Warming

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Everyone knows from childhood that wholesome food and regular exercise is essential for healthy life. Still people happily ignore these facts and so-called ‘ENJOY’ the life. But sometimes an unpleasant discovery of a health issue acts like an eye opener and then they have to follow a very strict diet and overdose of exercise, not to mention continuous medication. A Somewhat similar trait is observed in organizations as well. Many of the organizations spend lavishly on things nice-to-have. However, once a wave of slowdown hits, stringent cost cutting measures are applied everywhere. Many times, these measures are ad-hoc, short sighted and temporary. They ignore that cost management is something permanent, a value that the organizations should imbibe in them. 

‘Green is Lean’ is recommended by the author as one of the better ways of cost management. Implementation of Green practices leads to avoidance of wastages and making operations environment friendly.  Along with the motto of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, it is also crucial that the organisations adopt newer procedures and their employees change the work habits.
Applying Green is not a hypocrisy but a genuine need of the hour. Green principle can be applied to all departments / functions of an organisation.  This paper presents various components of Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM).

Dr. Manisha Ketkar

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