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One Month at SSBF

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Symbiosis. Pune. The air breathes a chant of oneness. The atmosphere makes you rejuvenate the spirit of togetherness. The place gives you chills once you see how diverse yet united this place is. A thousand different souls placed together in the wilderness of Pune makes this place a beauty to look forward to. It’s a microcosm, a mini version of India, where everyone comes for a purpose, a goal. But what unites the people here is the desire to walk together, the desire to face the challenges and the wish to celebrate the miniature moments of life.

Monsoon at Symbiosis International University.

My journey at Symbiosis began with Karan Patel, a mad but funny engineer from Ahmedabad. We had our first breakfast together, our lunch together, and by dinner, I knew Karan is very bad at making jokes. But I still liked him. Not for the jokes, of course. I want to kill him provided the opportunity, but for the smile with which he opens up his heart. With Sahil Asad from Udaipur, Aditya from Mumbai and Bharat from Delhi, the diversity of class was steadily forming up.

It might have taken a semester to know each other, but the Outbound Learning Program in Kolad broke all the barriers where the students pushed themselves beyond the imaginable to achieve the goals set by mentors. With group activities, directed towards achieving a goal of maximizing points, monitored by Army Discipline, all the teams were competing with each other sportingly. Roadies like activities, coupled with a beautiful weather made the participants value team work.

Monday. Regular Classes. Assignments. Study Group formation. Canteen. And the battle began to kick start the academic year. The procedure to join committees began with GDs and subsequent interviews. In a week’s time, the students joined their respective committees. With 14 different committees in the basket, SSBF provides a multitude of platforms to showcase skills, more so to nurture the skills further at the management level.
While Placement Assistant Committee and Sports Committee were the most sought after, ISR, Co-curricular and Cultural Committees witnessed equal enthusiasm from the participants. Symbiosis provides an exclusive platform in the field of Equity research with Bloomberg Lab. With minute-to-minute updates and a world class data resource, efforts are made to ensure students have an in-depth knowledge in the fields of Equity Research and Analysis.

Bharat is multitalented; Jibin is naughty; Palash is poet; Deeotima carries the sweetness of Kolkata in her heart; Akanksha has an ocean of knowledge; Eshaan is tall, really tall; Priyanshi is the cool girl, favorite of Amberkhane Sir; Jhalak is talkative; Aishwarya has the most beautiful handwriting; Girina has two laptops; Dhananjay has diverse work experience; Rishika is Foodie; Siddhika can go through 800 pages in two days; Kinjal is a dancer; Manjeet plays Badminton; Ashray plays football; Aniket plays Tennis; Mayank plays TT; Rutvik plays Cricket; Pratayaksh is from Jammu; Aliva is from Bhubaneshwar; Nishi is from Chennai;Kirti is from Vizag; Nikhil is from Pune; and there are three Yash in the batch. Diversity.

Ice Breaker, a sports event dedicated to showcase the sportsmanship and team work narrowed the bridge between seniors and junior. Sports activities like Football, Table Tennis and Tug-of-war fueled the spirit of togetherness among the participants.

Left- SSBF 17-19 vs SSBF 16-18 –Right. Event: Tug-of-War
Essence of Symbiosis

With a versatile faculty mentorship and a state of the art infrastructure, we are looking forward to gain the insights of Banking & Financial Management. With Digitization and GST implementation, India is looking forward to a banking revolution in the future. A dream for every organization, Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance envisions achieving the same, with a thoroughly designed pedagogy. For all that is waiting ahead of us, two years seems very less. Especially when we have a family, away from the family- The Symbiosis Family. Cheers to Life.

Written by- Chirag Ajmera
(Batch 2017-19)

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