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Tension was upon me as I was in my last semester of my graduation and was constantly asked about my plans for my future.  As always I was extremely confused as to what I wanted from life. Did I want to work? Did I want to do a master? And if I planned to continue studying, where? 
I started by googling all the elite colleges in India and by hearted their names and their ratings in a matter of few weeks. I knew all the pros and cons of joining them and finally narrowed my choice down to the SYMBIOSIS family. As I was already in the finance field my choice was simple in choosing which colleges I needed to target from the Symbiosis family. How did I narrow it down to SSBF?
The course offered by SSBF is in core Banking and finance and exactly what I wanted. With the boom in the BFSI sector there is no better field to be in and there is no better college to do it from. People generally have this misconception that the BFSI sector is just limited to banking but they aren’t aware that with the growth of this sector there have been so many new changes and products that have entered the market that opportunities and growth have no limits.
The course structure is extremely challenging and updated with the changes happening around us. The opportunities provided to us are boundless, they are challenging and this helps us by moulding us into an individual ready to face the world outside the gates of SSBF. They make sure that when we leave the gates of SSBF and enter the job markets we are ever ready to face any obstacle thrown at us, so why not SSBF?

Tania Maria

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