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This is the Best Part of my Life

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I have learnt so much from my hostel life and started my life journey with that wisdom. Words can’t define those two years of my life that were spent in my hostel.

At hostel, you come across people from various cultures and various parts of country. You come to know their lifestyles and share views about your culture.
Friends made at hostel are the ones that remain for a lifetime. They know about your crazy habits, your stupid moods, but they still choose to be with you. This makes us and our friends comprehend each other’s feelings flawlessly as we see how they react to each circumstance and they do the same. Consequently, we find friends equivalent to family and so, hostel can be given the credit of the same.

You can hang out with your friends till any time. There is no one to question you about this. It is said that nothing is boring if your best friends are with you. Studies become way easier and fun at hostel. Late night studies is also great fun. If you are having doubts in your topics, you can ask your friends and seek their help in no time. When you are studying late night with your friends, you will enjoy the company of others.

Their nonsense actions, their repetitive words ‘ Yeh exams kyu hote hai ‘ , ‘ Agli baar se semester ki starting se hi padnaa shuru kar dena hai’ , seeing one of your friends napping while having book in hand, taking their pics and posting it on social media are such examples that you will miss through out your life.

I made some friends for life, learnt quite a bit from various teachers’ and even made my own space in every one’s heart. I still remember the late night studies before the examinations and the laughter shared with friends.

Now, I wish I could get back another such night. I have heard people say that hostel life cannot be described in words, and now I can say that I feel the same. It’s really true

Satyam Bhargava
(Batch 2016-18)

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