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Internship Tales: First Water Capital Advisors LLP

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Aparna Uppal, Batch 2019-21

My internship experience in first water advisors really helped me to develop the practical understanding of the theoretical topics already studied at SSBF. The organization was quick to adapt to this uncertain situation and the mentor was really helpful and understanding to me considering it was my first internship experience. I was able to practically implement my skills in the organization like building financial models, doing competitive analysis of companies and much more. The culture of the organization was really supportive and flexible as well. I am grateful to SSBF for providing me with this opportunity. My skills and hard work were effectively utilized in First water. I also learnt analysing various brokerage house reports, making future projection and analysing financial statements. These two months of internship helped me first to better understand the BFSI industry and second develop my individual thinking process for analysis on a personal level.

Shashank Kanchan, Batch 2019-21

The experiences of working as an intern at First Water Advisors LLP were fascinating & insightful and the experience that I got, has been very crucial in moulding my career as I advance further in my professional life. Right from day one, we were assigned challenging yet exciting tasks, which not only broadened my skill base but also sharpened my analytical skills. The constant guidance and support of my mentor helped me accomplish complex tasks and enriched me with a deep understanding of the of the subject matter. The virtual experience was never a hinderance to the learning process, and I can safely say that these two months have helped me evolve both professionally and personally.

Shubhankar Goswami, Batch 2019-21

It was an excellent learning experience and it allowed me to confirm my interest in pursuing a career as an Equity Analyst. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to help them meet deadlines and carry out the vision and objectives of the companies we have researched for. I learned the importance of teamwork in the success of a project by following their wonderful leadership.
I thank First Water Advisors LLP as well as SSBF for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with the industry leaders which has given me a hands-on experience of corporate life.

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