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Internship Tales: GIEOM

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Vatsal Jha, Batch 2019-21

I worked as a research analyst for GIEOM, which is a Bengaluru based company that provides digital solutions to financial institutions globally. It was a great learning experience and the exposure I got of various markets has helped me in understanding the concepts even more clearly. The professional and personal life balance in the company is just perfect, moreover the teamwork and coordination of the core team just lifts the working experience to another level. The mentors were very helpful, and they instructed well. Overall, it was a great experience and I can say the internship helped me not just in gaining knowledge and experience but also in my holistic development.

Nikhil Baswala, Batch 2019-21

In between, when the entire world was at a standstill because of the Covid-19 outbreak, I feel I was very fortunate to get a chance to intern with GIEOM Business Solutions (Fintech) for two months. Undoubtedly these two months will remain as the most integral learning experience in my entire MBA journey. During the course of these two months we got to know about how the old school banking is shifting towards digitization and what else could have been so much suitable during Covid-19 scenario where the least you want is physical interaction ( right place at the right time). I am grateful to SSBF for providing me with this opportunity amidst this tough situation. I would further like to extend my gratitude to my mentors at GIEOM for being highly supportive and helpful at each and every step. I will always be grateful to them for incubating professionalism and showing me the glimpse of how the corporate life shapes in. Thank you & Cheers!!!

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