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Internship Tales : Impetus Wealth Management Pvt Ltd

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Pranathi Chandra, Batch 2019-21

Unlearning has never felt more refreshing. Whatever previous hearsay I had towards wealth management, has completely been obliterated. Solving numerous wealth management case studies has helped me gain a trove of knowledge, which quintessentially cannot be found without practice. One should never see a problem through a pinhole, innovative problems need creative solutions. Understanding the importance of futuristic vision, the entire period of internship, was a game changer in an era of outdated data analysis. On the whole, this internship has opened my mind to a world of unlimited opportunities, where you work on what you like and like what you work on.

Meenakshi Agrawal, Batch 2019-21

My internship experience at Impetus was truly enriching and helped me apply all the knowledge that I have acquired. It has moulded me as per the industry and the current market requirements. I am extremely grateful to SSBF for providing me with this opportunity and unparalleled experience.

Vikram Thakur, Batch 2019-21

At Impetus, the culture and functioning are the model of inspiration in which the clients and their financial security is given the highest priority. Despite it being a virtual internship, my experience o learning holistic wealth management has been enriching. It provided me with several insights into the market and to use the same to lead the investors in the right direction. Not only have I learned about wealth management, but also the ethical aspect of it.

Ansh Mishra, Batch 2019-21

While interning at Impetus wealth management, I learnt a more pragmatic and truthful approach towards work. Impetus aims at adding utmost value to its clients with its holistic approach towards finance. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. The firm has helped me in gaining not only theoretical knowledge but also has given me a great exposure to practical experience. I thank SSBF for this wonderful opportunity.

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