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Internship Tales: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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Avika Bishnoi, Batch 2019-21

In the tenure of lockdown, being homebound was of no hindrance to our learning and experience at JP Morgan Chase & Co. , the company left no stone unturned to enhance our internship experience, we had interactive and fun sessions with different department heads and co-interns across the institution which were highly enriching and made me learn more about team work, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. With the constant guidance and support of my mentors I got to learn about the new processes ,tools and softwares and their application in the finance sector. The learnings and exposure that I got during the 2 months of my internship along with the wonderful and supportive culture of the company has made me evolve as a person and will help me deliver my best towards the industry in future.

Krishita Shah, Batch 2019-21

Internships are a great way to experience the corporate environment. Its a step towards your dream company or role, and the best way to get clarity of where you’re headed. It’s a great way to learn and apply concepts and expand your horizons. My internship experience was great, as I got to learn more in-depth subject knowledge and meet with brilliant minds of the company. It also taught me how important it is to be open to learning.

Mandira Choudhury, Batch 2019-21

Team work and perseverance can turn obstacles into opportunities, even when we are in a middle of a pandemic, and this, was my biggest learning as a summer intern at JPMC. The entire process was well managed by various departments and all the interns were treated with respect and care. It was enriching to learn about the core concepts of Finance, Analytics and their application. I was amazed by the guidance and leadership skills shown by my mentors. Treasured friendships, excellent office etiquette and regular interactions with colleagues are a few of my cherished takeaways as an intern. This opportunity has transformed me into a versatile person for future endeavors.

Swetha A. , Batch: 2019 – 21

Interned at: JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Experience: The journey of interning with JPMC was one of a kind. It’s been a smooth way in and this has made me learn more about my ability and skills. I was very curious to enter their premises and come out as a completely groomed person; however, I can proudly say that the difficult times of pandemic have helped us explore more about the company from an angle that we would have never seen. The work over all was interesting as I was able to improvise on the existing concepts and every person I crossed ways with, reflected the beautiful culture of the organization. This leaves me with a great opportunity to start my career with. And I am grateful for the same.

T.S.K. Srikanth, Batch 2019-21

The two months experience  of tasks, deadlines, presentations and consistent mutual feedbacks helped me learn the corporate etiquette that builds the brand value of JP Morgan Chase and Co.I thank SSBF for the opportunity given to be part of the Brand JP Morgan Chase & Co. The project gave me an exposure to deeper understanding of departmental functions and product perspective thinking in enhancing a process to achieve the milestones.The virtual internship experience with their highly productive interactions on project specifications along with other interactive fun sessions helped me learn professionalism, commitment as per actual JP Morgan culture and standards.

Vibhuti , Batch 2019-21

I had been fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with one of the dream companies – JP Morgan Chase and Co. Though it was the time of pandemic and we could not visit the office in person, the organisation made sure that we,as interns, get the whole experience of how the work goes on. Right from the work culture, ethics ,importance of wellness of both mind and body to the various lines of business and the other works done by it, we all were well explained everything virtually. The projects we got were well monitored by our manager and were evaluated. This internship has been a great learning experience for me and it made me become more aware of my areas of improvement.I would like to thank SSBF for giving me this wonderful opportunity and to JPMC for giving us a wonderful experience overall.

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