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Moving from Customer Service to Customer Delight An Ethnographic Study of the Relationship Managers in Banking Sector

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With the several developmental phases of automation and severe competition from within the Indian banking sector, the task of acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones assumes an unparalleled significance. The truly differentiating factor therefore in the hands of banks is the initiative they show in the two areas, viz. a) swift response to changing markets by way of timely adjustments in interest rates and service charges at the strategic level, and b) a courteous, efficient and proactive service to its clientele at the operational level.

This paper discusses the crucial role of Relationship Manager (RM) helping the organization shift from customer-service to customer-delight based on a qualitative research undertaken with ethnographic study of a leading private sector bank in India. This paper may guide in the lateral recruitment of experienced RMs based on the exemplary characteristics of RM function outlined here. The entry level candidates could also be on-boarded with the training inputs aiming at imbibing the said characteristics.

Evaluating and Ranking Candidates for MBA program – Mahalanobis Taguchi System Approach

Selection of students is a multiple-criteria decision-making process of matching the student’s capabilities with the industry requirements through appropriate MBA education.

The authors presented a generic multi-criteria evaluation framework using Mahalanobis Taguchi System (MTS) approach for a student selection process, with an emphasis for a B School. This study may help institutions and universities to select better quality students.

Dr. Manisha Ketkar

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