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Being desperate to discover happiness is human nature.

But is it worth it?

The question is do we really ever discover it? In what we desire.

I guess, NEVER.

You won’t ever discover happiness in that immense bundle of work or getting into that ideal college.
Never in getting an ideal 99% in a test or in getting chosen in that Internship over your classmate.
Never in getting that fantasy house you’ve stuck the entire of your Pinterest for or arriving at that
stability in your future that you wish and desire right now and think that it’ll be better. It won’t be.

Even after you’ll run miles for these things, a bunch of new desires will await you that will leave you
restless all over again. Because happiness is an Illusion just like a Mirage. You continue chasing it
and it continues to give you a couple more miles however you never get to it.

You will discover happiness in that hug from your parents on an exceptionally startling occasion or
getting that poem published that you wrote. You will discover bliss in some espresso for certain
doughnuts alone in the roadside café on a Tuesday afternoon or having a glass of wine in one hand
and another moved up in your friend’s neck while you pose for a candid on a Friday night. You will
discover joy at your grandparent’s garden having tea and conversing with them about their childhood
days or in the drops of rain that will fall on your cheeks as you choose to revive your inner child and
make those paper boats with an imaginary song playing behind you as it does in those Bollywood

So, live for the minutes that makes a difference to your heart. Not for those that make a difference to

-Aarti Dhabai

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