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Smart Decisions

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If you are confused between two choices and you decide to flip a coin in order to choose an alternative, the option that come to your mind during the time when the coin is in the air is what is regarded as a SMART DECISION. It is okay not to be a rat of a rate race and take decisions which majority of people is taking. Sometimes you have to diverge yourself from a rat race. After all, the one who wins the rat race remains a rat!
Young adults must be enlightened with such important issues which have not been instructed to us in schools or colleges.
Sometimes we often change our decisions frequently due to the following reasons:

  • Dwindling enthusiasm
  • Feeling uninterested
  • The experience differs from what you actually thought
  • The approach is different from yours, etc

Sometimes we believe that one wrong decision is the end to our dreams. There are certain ways and numerous decisions that are to be taken during the process of achieving a target. For example, there are many routes to a final destination. One might take route A and the other might take route B.
Isn’t it funny that we say that we take right decisions and ways without even experiencing them? How can you judge an event or a situation without actually witnessing it? No one knows what’s inside a box. Once you open it, you may or may not like it. Hence we come to the conclusion that not all decisions are right and every wrong decision helps us to know the pros and cons, helps us to gain experiences and facts. So it’s okay to be a frequent decision changer but not an AIM changer.
Our decisions are a reflection of what we are from inside. Many of us have bad days and bad experiences which we want to hide from the world. We let them affect our life, we don’t talk about them, and we keep thinking and let such experiences influence our decisions. We have to discern that every day is not an unfortunate day, after all it’s just a bad day, not a bad life!
These experiences only make us strong in some or the other way. We should push ourselves to face our fears. That is the best thing you can do for yourself.
Thus, we have to be as happy from inside as we are from outside. Let go of all the negative thoughts. when you choose to be YOU, all your decisions will be a smarter one!

Do what you love
Love what you do!

Ananya Malhotra

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